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Already 2 days ago I had cancelled a date for yesterday. It has nothing to do with my generalized anxiety disorder. Frank and I had read the warnings in the TV-Text, and I had seen the map on "". It was better to stay at home and not to go outside, if it is not necessary (but many people had to go to work).

A very big storm had come from the North Sea and yesterday it also had reached the North-Part of Germany. At midday it had become very dangerous, and we were very nervous, because there was also many pressure on the windows by this storm. The branches of a tree between the front and rear houses were cut off, and they fell down. It was a good decision to bring the chairs and table from the balcony to inside already 2 days ago.

Many trees had been uprooted, they had fallen on cars, lamps and railings etc., some people had been slain. Already the permanent rain in June and July had killed many trees in many parks, old big trees, but also younger and healthy tress.

All the the regional trains, city trains, metros, trams and busses had been stopped by the companies, because the safety for the people was much more important. It was very difficult to come back home after the work. And the fire department had a lot of operations.

There never was such a dangerous storm in our country in the past, and for the future such storms will happen more often. And the next hurricane is on the way to the Golf of Mexico, after already the previous hurricanes had destroyed very much.

All these storms, hurricanes, tornadoes etc. are the consequences of the global warming...

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