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Playing M3U's

Using the API is it possible to play a remote M3U/PLS?ASX file?

This would be very useful for radio streams where the published URL is the playlist file, which often offers multiple streams inside it - for example Absolute Radio isn't too uncommon by having a playlist which plays

1) An Advertising message
2) There stream, server 1
3) There stream, server 2
4) There stream, server 3
5) There stream, server 4
6) Sorry we're having problems

By picking a single stream they are more likely to die (often just IP addresses) and more likely to be overloaded.

File > Play Url }
Loads the NME Radio M3U file, parses it, and plays it

window.external.PlayQueue.Play('','NME Radio');

Just throws up "Error synching to stream"
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