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That depends on which visualization you are using. .There is AVS (Advanced Visualization Studio) and MilkDrop. .Both have presets, when are basically different vis effects respective to the visualization. .To select between AVS and MilkDrop press Ctrl+K in Winamp for Visualization Preferences > highlight/select the preferred vis and press the Start button > close out of prefs. Then while using AVS or MilkDrop...

Toggling Preset Change...

AVS or MilkDrop
If using the Modern Default or Bento skin....
Press the 'Random' or '123' button in vis window/pane or tab to toggle random preset

Easy way
Press R while the AVS window is in focus (toggles random presets)

Long way or change interval time...
  1. Right-click in AVS window > AVS Editor
  2. Settings > Prests/Hotkeys
  3. depending on the desired effect, uncheck or checkmark 'Randomly switch presets' -or- change the 'Every ## seconds' to increase or decrease the amount of time before the next preset change
For MilkDrop
'Scroll Lock' will (un)lock current preset
'R' key will toggle random/sequential preset

MD preset intervals can be changed by (while MD is Stopped/idle)...
  1. Winamp > Ctrl+P
  2. Plug-ins > Visualizations
  3. highlight/select 'MilkDrop' > click the Configure button
  4. preset intervals can be set in the 'transitions' tab

Preset Menu...

Right click on the vis window/pane

For MilkDrop
Press the L key (you may need to click on the vis window/pane first)

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