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ok, well there's nothing else i can suggest for the time being as i don't have any eta on when i'll get around to changing sc_trans to relay DJ metadata to the DNAS.

also if you're using a v2 DNAS, if it's set to be publically listed then the title the DJ would send via sc_trans (when it is eventually updated) would not be used as only the title specified against the authhash for the stream will be used - that will not be something which is going to be changed.

indicating a DJ is connected is something which is not too well handled with the v2 tools at the moment though i've looked to add a 'dj' value to the stream stats reporting which basically uses the 'dj/username' value for a v2 connection (such as is possible to set in the Source DSP), but that's still in the internal builds and sc_trans has no support for it yet - which doesn't help you out now but is something i have been trying to think of ways to improve.

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