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I would pay even 10$ to install the app. Fair point, I know nothing about available resources for this "project" and if it would be financially worthy or not. That being said, to claim that it would take 2 years or more to develop a WP app that is comparable to the one available on android is rubbish in my book. For one thing, in those 4 years of development that you mentioned, I bet that there were a lot of trials and errors for which the correct outcome is known by now. You already know what the finished product is going to be, you do not need to go trough the entire evolutionary process of the original.

I am not an IT guy, but I do interact with enough software developers to know that a dedicated team should be able to come up in 3-4 months with an app that has 80% of the android versions functionality. I for one would be happy with it even if it would only play the music stored on the phone. It is only a question of commitment, which, in terms, depends of the financials. But it would sure nice to have it.
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