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Well, yes. It did took that product that much to get to its current form. But that is evolution and development. Trial and error. They made a product, released it, collected feedback and ideas and improved the product and learned along the way. That takes time and it is only natural. My argument was that by now, to develop the same product to a new platform, you do not need to go trough the same learning curve. You know what the users like and what they use and what features are redundant. So, from my perspective, the only thing left to do would be the coding. Again, I must stress out that I am not an IT guy.

Now, since my last posting I did have some conversations about this subject and it was pointed out to me that indeed, 3-4 months might not be enough for a job like this, especially since all mobile platforms have their own specific traits in terms of architecture and interface. I accept this argument since my windows phone feels and interacts very different than my other android phones. Also I must accept the argument that the team responsible for Winamp is in an entirely different league in terms of resources than other software developers, and here I am referring to the gaming industry, where a complex game (relatively speaking) is popped out every 12 months.

Alas, this is all academic. Android is the dominating platform in terms of market share and it does makes sense to focus all efforts there. If I were to return to that platform I would install Winamp again. Not because it is already purchased, but because until now it is the best player on android that I have found. Also, it is the single app for which I was unable to find an equivalent or better WP app and I miss it dearly.
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