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WRAFL (Winamp Radio Automatizer for Linux)

Hey oh

It would be cool if there was some kind of encoder than transmit audio & video from a playlist/folder specialy designed for RHAT & Debian Distros

And of course, like an AutoDJ but WITH NO GUI (just console) i'm saying this because something like that can help A LOT to help to increase the number of stations on SHOUTcast directory, giving them an easy way to make AutoDJ when they are not Broadcasting by themselves, so the people can listen they Podcast/Content/Programs/Music 24/7, which in fact make growth a lot the SHOUTcast comunity.

More radios means more offer, more offer means more people listening, more people listening means more people seeing the SHOUTcast radio directory and all of us know what that means .. you got the point here...

Also, it would be cool if the encoder works to transmit NSV video, i know Is no longer developed, but, with a tool like this, we, the users than are a little fan about this have the tools to actualy work on it and try to improve it, in ask there is no cheating right?

I know, we maybie are a limited number of people the ones who still enjoy SHOUTcastTV, but the tool i'm suggesting here helps A LOT to all the RADIO & VIDEO makers, it would be "the chicken of the gold eggs" for all of us, and also fix the problem of the lack of a good automatizer (i.e. Airtime & Liquidsoap) in CentOS or RHAT in general without the need of force the install of Liquidsoap

of course, we lost the Airtime internet vinculancy, but who cares if you can install a simple automatizer on CentOS who do the job?

Thanks for your comments

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