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Don't worry, i'm just know it but..., even than i apreciated the gesture of always responds, i know the official option about it, but again... what i can lose?

Is there any chance to get the code?, or something... about NSV??, i know, i can't get it to be "resurrected", but maybie this can pass to be open code, and that way the people intrested can use it, experiment it, and maybie improve it to the times, i don't know, i don't know how the code works or how it is, so i don't know what kind of "Improvements" can be done.

Or can be done to make something from it.
Something New

So if the coffin have another nail on it, and nobody cares about, what would be the problem than the coffin can be taken from the Cementery and the Corpse study to make another autopsy?, to see if there is nothing else than can be done with him's case?, at least for the peace of him's "related ones" (Fans)?

Any chance you think to open the code -or the part than still be preserved/exist-?
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