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I am just interested, which size-maximum do You suggest for an image-file, which is embedded or should be embedded in the MP3?

I have MP3s with embedded album art of 120x120 pixel. A SoundCloud Podcast Label has album art between 511x510 and 4033x4032 pixel. I was shocked a little bit, when I have discovered, that some album art is so large. But I love the embedded album art in the MP3s, especially in the downloaded SoundCloud Podcasts.

I myself think, 400x400 pixel should be the minimum (I save also the profile-picture as username.jpg and cover.jpg). Also I think, the album art should have not more than 2000x2000 pixel.

Can SoundCloud Podcasts with embedded large album art be played with Classic Skins better than with Bento and other Modern Skins? For the Classic Skins I have the gen_classicart.dll...

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