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comparing Winamp to Explorer is like comparing a banana with a haddock - they're completely different beasts.

from the info report, you've got a number of 3rd party plug-ins present (listed below) as well as you're using a cPro based skin which itself might be the cause of the issue since that will attempt to load artwork into a number of places in it's layout iirc which then exactly matches the slow down behaviour on artwork lookup as well as what could happen if a file is missing (as i don't know how it handles lookup failures):

in_vgm.dll - (unlikely to be a cause of issues)
gen_bpembededart.dll + bpembededart.w5s - (unlikely to be a cause of issues)
ClassicPro.w5s - (the cPro engine which may not be the cause as described above)
gen_nopro.dll - (won't have any effect)
gen_saveas.dll - (won't have any effect)
gen_skinmanager.dll - (won't have any effect)
gen_timerestore.dll - (only time it can cause UI issues is if the write settings option interval is too low)
gen_undo.dll - (should only affect things if the playlist physically changes)
gen_win7shell.dll - (depends on how it has been configured as to how much it might be affecting responsiveness)
ml_umlp.dll - (i have no idea what this could be doing or what effect on things it could have)

so i'd probably start by disabling gen_win7shell.dll and ml_umlp.dll and if that doesn't help, try with a non-cPro skin e.g. one of the Bento skins and see if that helps.
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