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How to send an upstream to shoutcast server from Android.

I want to make it clear before you start reading that I want to develop an android based app to use android device as a broadcaster, which records sound using its mic and sent it to shoutcast server something like this:

Android Device with internet connection -> Shoutcast Server -> listeners.

I googled a lot in last two weeks and found This article, which helped me to use builtin mic of android device and stream over a local network. One can listen the stream using VLC.

But I want to send up-stream to my shoutcast server same as one can use winamp with DSP plugin and the problems are:

1. Is there any url based system on shoutcast server, to which if I will send a stream then it will get the stream and broadcast to my listeners? e.g. if I want to listen stream (down streaming), i can use;stream.mp3 and I am asking for up-streaming.

2. How I can establish a connection to server by login/password. I want to do similar to DSP Plugin as shown in image attached.

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