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it was mentioned a good 2 months back that we're looking to provide some sort of lookup service integration.

it's most likely because we're generally doing the artwork lookups synchronously instead of asynchronously (though there were a few parts that attempted to do it asynchronously). i've still to find time to do more work on things, but some of the slowness is just how we've implemented things as-is and some is down to what needs to be done to get an image decoded and put into use for whatever case it's being used (which for large images just doesn't seem to work well but that more stems from large artwork not being the norm when the whole feature was implemented).

so i've done the most obvious things possible in doing a load once & return cached data, but there is likely to be other cases where things could be optimised (since it's mainly modern skins this affects anyway) but that'll more likely be for something further down the road as time allows.
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