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Originally Posted by rails35 View Post
Both EAC and dBpoweramp offer the GD3 database (, which I've found to be accurate and has great cover images.
What is(are) the format(s) and resolution of the images? I've found that jpeg images that are at least 600x600 work good enough for me at the minimum to maximum display sizes I use. I also prefer those encoded with the least amount of compression. I'm willing to accept a larger file size for faster rendering speed.

The website's description sounds good (quoted below), but it is not specific.

"Get Digital Data includes high resolution images of CD/DDVD artwork to allow for the best possible image on PC and TV displays. Lower resolution images provided by second generation databases result in poor images when displayed on large displays such as TV's. By scanning our own artwork, we can insure the highest resolution and exact matches to the CD/DVD."

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