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Shoutcast DNAS sc_trans Question

I am trying to configure a Shoutcast DNAS to allow the use of a remote AutoDJ application such as Rivendell, iMedia etc. On a remote machine to act as AutoDJ but connecting over a LAN connection. Where it would act as the Shoutcast AutoDJ and play continuously until a live DJ connects. This would operate by fading down the AutoDJ stream and allow the DJ to connect via Shoutcast encoder or other source.
I can get sc_serv to operate as expected but I cannot get a DJ(s) to connect or interrupt.
Essentially, there would only be two source (port) connections??? One with low priority(AutoDJ) and One with high priority (LiveDJ). I would also like to have multiple DJ Logins if possible.

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. As I have exhausted my resources here.

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