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Various errors after completing setup

Everything is setup and working properly using v.2 (v1 will not work with password#xxxxx).

The first error is that it gets randomly disconnected after few minutes, here is the log:

2017-11-26 03:00:41 Connecting to... Server:; Port: 8000; Mode: v2; Stream ID: xxxxxx; DJ / User ID: n/a
2017-11-26 03:00:41 Cipher Response Received
2017-11-26 03:00:42 Receiving Authorization Response
2017-11-26 03:00:42 Sending Content Type
2017-11-26 03:00:42 Response Received
2017-11-26 03:00:42 Sending Bitrate
2017-11-26 03:00:42 Sending Buffer Size
2017-11-26 03:00:42 Response Received
2017-11-26 03:00:43 Sending Maximum Payload Size
2017-11-26 03:00:43 Response Received
2017-11-26 03:00:43 Sending Flush
2017-11-26 03:00:43 Sending Standby
2017-11-26 03:01:31 Metadata: Artist=; Album=; Genre=; Year=; Comment=; Title=Bruno Mars - Thats What I Like;
2017-11-26 03:01:31 Playing Artwork: Cleared;
2017-11-26 03:04:11 Not Connected

2nd problem is, that even if I am connected for a longer period suddenly I stop receiving stream on my PC, - error: The file you requested could not be found.

3rd problem, even if I get all working (2nd problem also working), html5 is not playing, although it is receiving updated track names.

Please advise.
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