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Internet Radio - MPEG Audio Decoder

I have big problems on streaming Internet radio.

It buffers very often.

I have tried a lot to fix it. In the MPEG Audio Decoder settings.

I have over 4 Mbit/s Internet speed.

My settings - what for now best work are:

330 Streaming Buffer.

Streaming Prebuffer ~ 40 % (~ 9 seconds)

Bufferunderrun ~ Smallest value 1 % or so. ( I have tried 0 % but I think then the module try on underrun to load 0 % - and it hangs because 0 % bug)

I think the reason why the hang bug becomes is that I can not set the connect timeout.
And that I don't know the reconnect timeout value.

Can this be fixed. That there is an value to set the connect timeout?

I think the best setup would be. 6 seconds connect timeout with. 8-9 seconds Buffertime.
And bufferunderflow should be not interrupt the playing.

Have someone the same expierence?

And would somebody who are techniqel agree me?
I don't find the winamp bugreport e-mail. That's the reason why I'am use the Forum.


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