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All those NSIS plugins can not fully "skin" installer window...
I was asking for system based, simple solution.

Unfortunatelly, as Anders wrote, Windows 10 doesn't support any official api to do this in proper way. Yes, there is some unofficial, undocumented api (thanks dro) that is probably used to skin File Explorer ( Microsoft seems to support only UWP applications. No Dark Mode for win32 apps... I hope it will change.

So... I hope some of NSIS users will create a plugin that will fully skin installer window.
I guess NSIS devs will do this only when there is a proper way, with proper api.

Maybe @RRUZ will fix problems with VCL Styles for NSIS?
From my test this is the best solution for now, but it can not be used in big installer because of many visual issues that can not be presented to end user (and this is a skin - and I think the best would be just ligt or dark mode, system based)...
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