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FAQ: How to write a useful bug report (read this first)

Before reporting a bug on this forum, please read and follow the steps below:

Before reporting:

1) Make sure you have the latest version of Winamp 5 from

2) Remove ALL third party Winamp plugins (if you've installed any) and confirm a clean install.

3) Make sure you have the latest versions of DirectX and your soundcard/videocard drivers

4) Make sure that you have the latest Windows OS Service Pack installed.

5) Read these threads first:

Known Winamp 5 Bugs

Official Winamp 2.x Bug List (defunkt!)

Official 3rd-party Plugin Bug List

This is to make sure you're not reporting a bug that is already known or other common problems.

When reporting:

1) Please include full details about your computer - what hardware does it have (soundcard type, videocard type, etc) and what operating system (OS) does it run (and if relevant, also include Service Pack version).

2) Make sure that you write down the exact steps to reproduce the bug (very important to make the lives of everyone a lot easier).

3) If possible/relevant, include a short sample of the file that causes the problem/bug by uploading it to a free webserver/your own webserver. Remember, 3rd party plugins are not written by Nullsoft, so if you have problems with those plugins, report to the author of the plugin, not here.

4) If you are reporting a crash, write down exact crash info, this will make it much easier for us to track down the problem (again: update everything to latest versions before reporting, otherwise it will be useless).

Failure to include all the required information and full step-by-step method of reproduction will probably result in your post being totally ignored. Extremely lame reports will either be moved to tech support or locked/deleted.
You have been warned!
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