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test some new shit

Steve rules.
thread continued here.

i've written a replacement for standard Winamp2's waveOut plugin, you can get it here. it will be probably bundled with the next Winamp2 setup (v2.79, v2.8, whatever); i'd like as many people as possible to run it on their computers to verify if it doesn't do anything stupid (but it really shouldn't). as far as i know, it fixes freeze while seeking on WinXP. it has been tested on win2k/sblive, win2k/ac97 and win98se/sblive (worked perfectly, except for some stupid behaviors specific to lame win2k's waveOut implementation).
ah yeah, sourcecode is included; if you find any probs, feel free to fix them yourself :P

[edit] TADA, my evil DirectSound goes to Winamp setup too, please test it . (WA3 version will be used as default output plugin in final WA3).

[edit2] i've packed most of new stuff into one setup file.

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