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Use DirectSound, it has crossfade built in.
Thanks for the tip.

Anyway, this is now a bit off-topic, but I will state that crossfading, and gapless playback, are two completely separate things.

The former blends two songs together during transition, which is great for random playback and mixes. The latter can play the songs of any album in order, without sacrificing integrity, exactly as the album was meant to be enjoyed, by simply removing the gaps between songs completely.

Try listening to "The Wall" w/ crossfading - totally ruins the experience.

Gapless playback capability is one (of many) reasons that I now encode w/ Ogg Vorbis as opposed to MP3. And gapless playback capability is one advantage of XMMS over Winamp. But that's neither here nor there.

In anycase, to get back on topic, the new waveout plugin works just fine for me (Win2k), and seems to be quite good, despite breaking the beloved Gapless Output plugin.

Take care.
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