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OK good news and bad new on the gapless front - I accidently ran the wrong test samples through WA3 for the results I reported in my last post - the gap was in the files. When I tried it with truly gap-free content, the result is much better, but there still is a gap. It's probably the smallest gap I've ever heard - so small I *probably* wouldn't have noticed had I not been listening for it... but hey, I was listening for it

As to what format files I'm using, they are mp3's encoded with Lame --nogap. If you're not familiar with it, Lame's --nogap command line is a beta feature which makes it fudge on track boundaries, pushing them to the nearest frame boundary, thereby eliminating the frame border problem which makes gapless encoding of (MPEG compliant) mp3's impossible (without said cheating). These files, when binary copied together into a single file, do play back gap-free, so the silence isn't in the files.

The architechtural changes you describe for WA3 certainly sound like a Good Thing for champions of gaplessness, however they still won't work if one of the plugins it runs is adding gaps. I suspect that the mpeg audio input plugin (even in WA3) is still adding a sample or two of silence at the beginning or end of tracks.
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