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Here, I think?

Or maybe here:

To be honest, I can't remember

yes, I know all about radium codec & MM Control Panel -> Devices, etc etc

Under Video Compression codecs, I've got:
DivX ;-) MPEG-4 Video Codec (Fast-Motion)
DivX ;-) MPEG-4 Video Codec (Low-Motion)

Under Audio Compression Codecs, I've got:
DivX ;-) Audio Compressor (DIVXA32.ACM)
Properties v4.02 - hacked with joy :-)

I'm not too bothered about updating to v4.12 . . . as yet.

btw, I've been using the Fraunhofer Pro codec for many years

Also, I've never experienced any MMSYSTEM Errors before.
All I did was help to suss out what they actually meant
(for TSGH -> Useful Links)
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