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Originally posted by sheradio1055

Just All Seems Odd That Shoutcast DSP 1.9.0 Was Running Great For About a Year or So, Then All of a Sudden, Just Started Acting-Up..

First part of my reply wasn't really an answer to your problem, just a comment about bandwidth

I realised that you said it worked, then all of a sudden stopped working with no changes to shoutcast DSP - hence my reasoning that it's not shoutcast DSP that is the problem, but more likely something to do with the encoder dll (enc_lame.dll?)

I say "more likely", but hell, who knows

One other thing to consider is microsoft updates - I had a steady, rock solid, NSV video setup going for 6 months on a fairly old PC. After a Microsoft update, CPU usage went through the roof whenever I attempted to use NSVcap - it had something to do with the webcam, as any other software that used the webcam also used lots of CPU.

I never did find out which update caused it. I did a system restore to a time before the issue appeared, and never had the problem again

The point is - trouble shooting stuff like this on windows is a nightmare.

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