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Desktop Winamp Playlist not showing songs on Android phone

Hi Everyone.

I'm kind of old school and like sticking with Winamp as my choice music player on my phones. I usually just make a playlist from songs on my desktop computer (in a folder called Music), then transfer the songs to the "Music" folder on the phone, along with the playlist to the "Playlists" folder on the phone.

I haven't really had any problems up until this point when i got a new phone, the Moto G Power. My previous phone, a Samsung Galaxy J7 Sky Pro, seemed to be fine doing this. However, following the same steps on the Moto G Power just shows blank playlists in Winamp.

Does anyone know what the problem might be?

For clarification, i'm using Winamp Pro 1.4.15 on the Moto G Power with Android 10 fully updated. The Moto doesn't have a back button to hold to even get to the settings which i know is customary of Winamp on Android

The old phone, the Samsung Galaxy (which actually has a dedicated back button for the settings), is using Winamp Pro 1.4.4 and Android 6.0.1.

I'm saving the playlists as m3u. My desktop is Windows 10. I don't know if the sudden jump from Android 6 on the Galaxy to Android 10 on the G Power has anything to do with this, but just thought of that now.
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