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We are working with since November 2020.

At the beginning Olivier and his colleague were replying to our emails within ours.... now they do not reply … At All. Not good.

The huge limitation is that, having to use their link (and their not so good player, with cover-art not refreshing or not coming at all) you cannot deliver their advertisements to the biggest chunk of your listeners.
As we know, the biggest % of listeners comes from iTunes/Apple (where IF you are "IN", you cannot edit your stream info anymore) and other platforms where you can't/don't want to go and replace your streaming link with the one belonging to

The dashboard offered by is nice, showing you the live income.. not showing the listeners of all your radio stations, if you have more than 5 radio stations.

Yes, you can see how much money you are doing thanks to the Live report, but as said the income (at least for us) risible, because is the income based ONLY on listeners using our own website and IOS/Android App, where we updated the stream links with theirs.
You all know that the biggest part of listeners comes from somewhere many hundreds of apps and websites are using our streams to put their advertisements :-) ?? ).

A Good thing is that, their stream comes "secured" , I mean HTTPS, so if you are like us upset about Chrome stopping http streams and playing only https, in this case you solved a problem having taking care of it.

We did not get a payment yet.

The most concerning or irritating thing is the "nobody home" feeling (no more replies to email messages), which is the same feeling you get from the 4 shoutcast/targetspot fellas, which I know they RECEIVE our email messages, but do not bother answering... also said "they don't give a Sh..".

This is all what we can say so far.
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