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$300 sounds like a good deal for that level of quality back in the day.

I recently bought this to replace the TMNT boombox, which has sadly taken to not reading CDs :

It has a remote control and 3.5mm aux-in, which were the main selling points, as one of its main uses will be for more betterer TV/movie sound.

After committing to buy it, I noticed there's no headphone port, which is quite surprising and something I hadn't even considered as a possible problem in this day and age. I dealt with this by buying a 2-to-1 RCA stereo switch, some speaker cable, RCA plugs and a 3.5mm socket. The switch sits atop the stereo, and pressing its "A" and "B" buttons alternates the output between the stereo's speakers and the 3.5mm socket (into which we plug headphones).

The stereo is currently on sale for $30 off, but I bought it when it was 30% off, making it even more cheaperer.

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