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I do remember my struggle with the System.playFile() command which would not play my saved bookmarks while adding Track Bookmarks feature to my skin. It turned out that this particular line in std.mi library is buggy. So Victhor had an idea to choose another approach in order to obtain files's location on the hard drive and being able to play it. I, on the other side, found out that using the plDir.mi library we could play a bookmarked song, but first we had to remove the file:// prefix. So this is what I did and now you do have AlbumArt in the window.

Please delete line 128 - playFile(path) - and paste those:

PHP Code:
int i=strlen(pathToURL(path))-7
string s=strright(pathToURL(path),i);
int playThisFile=plEdit.getNumTracks();
Additional you need to add the plDir.mi library:
PHP Code:
#include <lib/pldir.mi> 
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