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Maybe I should get the mexican street gang to knock my errant teeth out. It would be cheaper, and I wouldn't have to buy spraypaint to cover up gang tags.

But if I send dirt to hell, I'll be the one that gets arrested.

Yes, that's all pretty terrible. No wonder you want to bomb everyone in the middle east to the stone age.

But we're talking about a vaccine that has already been developed by a private sector company that is surely going to make their investment back as the rest of the world scrambles to adopt it. The issue here is FDA approval so doctors and parents in the US can choose to give the vaccine to young girls, just in case they don't manage to go through their entire life living up to your idea of responsible behavior. FDA approval will cost nothing.

Incidentally, there are forms of HPV that are not transitted sexually. I'm not sure if they are covered by the vaccine.

If we had a Canadian-style single-payer health care system, Not only would your dental problem be taken care of, the government would look at this vaccine from the more rational point of view of cost. An HPV vaccine would save us all a lot of money, because an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

One BIIIIG reason why health care is so expensive in America is that millions of people can't afford to see a doctor until they need the pound of cure. Often, they wind up in the emergency room, and then the hospital needs to recover a small fortune from the uninsured patient, often with little success, and so the hospital passes on the loss to everyone else. We already have socialist medicine in this country, but it's a kind of broken, chaotic socialism whose only benefit is that it keeps the insurance companies in business.

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