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It boils down to the big lie.

Sex is NOT SAFE!. A condom makes it safer. But really?. Who uses one all the time?.

So do we spend resources helping young women to remove one of the many risks that sex involves or do we educate them to the TRUTH.

The TRUTH is that sex is only "safe" under very narrow circumstances. If it were safe, 20% of us wouldn't have genital herpes.

Which gives the better return, education or a vaccine that cures one of the many things that will put you in a world of hurt.

Teaching safe sex is ridiculous. There is no such thing.

I must say that the republican rhetoric around this is distasteful, but giving kids a shot and a condom isn't the way to help.

I have a high school friend that I've known for 35 years that got herpes when she was a teenager. If you think that didn't change her whole life, you guessed wrong!. Just a few too many beers one night is all it took. A lifetime of acyclovir and men that said "Herpes... NO WAY!". Add that to being sterile as a result.

As far as Canada, that's great. But I doubt they'll buy this drug either.

No wonder you want to bomb everyone in the middle east to the stone age.
Do they stutter when they say their goal is to kill all the Israelis and us?.

I believe them and therefore believe that we should remove our mortal enemies with dispatch and quit farting around.

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