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Which gives the better return, education or a vaccine that cures one of the many things that will put you in a world of hurt.
That's a false choice. Education and vaccination aren't mutually exclusive. A serious health problem like cervical cancer ought to be attacked from every angle.

Do you think that if a ten-year old girl gets a hpv vaccine, she's immediately going to think to herself "Oh boy, now I can have all the sex I want!"???

Americans only apply this kind of logic to sex, because we're all puritain/libertines who can't get our minds areound a healthy moderate idea of sex. For us, there's abstainance and promiscuity and not much else.

No one would seriously suggest, for example, that we don't put seatbelts in cars, because people will think they can drive fast. Or not brushing your teeth, because using a toothbrush might encourage you to eat too many sweets.

Your logic just isn't logical, and your morality isn't moral. You WANT people to suffer for violating your idea how people ought to behave. You can spin it and twist it any way you want, but what it boils down to is: "Cancer is good, because cancer keeps our women in line." and "When other people don't behave as I think they should, they deserve to suffer."

Which is bullshit, incidentally. Married women contract this virus. It doesn't just go after the "promiscuous."

I am SO done with you.
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