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"Public health has become a strictly moral issue."

No Mr. Spectre NO!.

Public health is a completely practical issue. We don't make decisions based on the bible in this country.

Decisions like these should be made without "bible thumping". Whatever does the most good should be done.... period....

The bible does contain PRACTICAL information that we have included in our cultural heritage. The rules about sexual conduct, I think, are more of a practical issue than GODS OVERPOWERING WILL.

This was especially true before about 50 years ago when there was no cure for any STDs.

The bible contains other rules that are practical, like not eating pork. Is that in there because God burned a bush or is it in there because in those days pork could very easily be deadly?.

The reason to be scrupulous about our sexual activity is not because "Jesus said so". The reason is that it's dangerous.

Yes or no on this drug?. I don't know. But these decisions being made on a religious basis is not what this country is about.

I want cold, hard practical numbers. Whatever does the most good within the resources available is what we should do. No catechism, just cold hard facts.

I am leery of vaccines, because many drugs that we use have later proven dangerous. The pill gives women cancer. ***** nearly killed my friend and reduced his lifespan etc.

Whatever makes the bulk of us healthier is the bottom line. So save your sermon for the pulpit Mr. Spectre. This sometimes christian man sees no use in a catechism lesson. This not Gods wrath. It's a virus.

Do you think that if a ten-year old girl gets a hpv vaccine, she's immediately going to think to herself "Oh boy, now I can have all the sex I want!"???
Frankly, I think that schools are teaching exactly that. The emphasis is on preventing VD not by abstaining from sex, but from employing devices and drugs to make a very risky behavior less risky. The problem is, as our illegitimacy and disease rates show, that this is a false security.

Kids are having sex far too young and catching far too many diseases and having far too many unwanted babies. If this weren't the case, I wouldn't have an opinion about what they did at all. Heck, I like sex.

Because nature mutates things and invents new diseases when we cure the old ones, the only way we will ever see STDs eliminated is if people quit having irresponsible sex.... period... Not because God said so, unless you believe that, but because it's the truth, it's practical and it's responsible.

I think the 22% herpes number tells the tale!.

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