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I guess a contrasting point would be that driving all over the place has benefits while having sex all over the place is generally detrimental...

anyway, back to the original argument, the idea that innoculating children will make them more likely to become whores is retarded. Quite frankly I barely remember being innoculated as a kid agains Measels, Mumps, and Rubella. Additionally, I didn't know what the hell any of those diseases really were, other than something bad you didn't want to get and that this shot prevented you from getting them. No one told me how you would get these diseases or that now you can do this all the time with no fear of getting this disease.

All the info that was given is that these are nasty diseases and this shot prevents them. Case closed. Did the fact that I got this shot make me feel like I should hang out with people who have the Measles, Mumps or Rubella? no. It's still prudent to avoid sick people. Likewise it's still prudent to avoid STDs whether you are innoculated against one of them or not.
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