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Originally posted by Mattress
Rubella aka the German measles is a tragic disease. It isn't too bad, it's just the measles.... unless you are pregnant. Then it will turn your baby into wreckage.

It may be different, but usually in the USA it's people that are my age (44) give or take 3 or 4 years that have the gun mark scar on their left shoulder. The big epidemic was in the late 1960s. I didn't think any younger or older people were innoculated. I know my sister who is 6 years younger wasn't.

The vaccine stood a 50/50 chance of making you feel really sick, but unless you liked brothers and sisters who were brain damaged and missing limbs, you took the shot.

Yep zoot, you can say you haven't had any problems in practicing safe sex..... and I say, that if you are promiscuous that the key word here is YET!.

Minors should not be having sex. I think that rather than giving kids condoms, that mandatory and sufficient counseling to correct the innappropriate behavior be employed.

The idea that children cannot be controlled and guided is a lazy failure in parenting. I assure you that a diligent father can absolutely control the behavior of his children. I also assure you that sexual experimentation can be at least significantly delayed until a child is of a more reasonable age than the average today which is 12, and moved to an age which was 17 in my generation.

Having been educated in old school sex-ed, which didn't focus on prevention, but abstinence, I was fully aware of condoms and their use.

I did not find help with the schools, but rather an attitude that it was impossible to control the behavior of children and that the only choice was to hand out condoms.

I assure you, that even with a strong willed child, that this is absolutely untrue. This is the case if parents are too lazy or too busy to supervise their children. Neither is any excuse. Many parents even allow their minor children to have sex in their own house.

Driving was mentioned. How about you drive at 12 and wait until you're 16 to have sex?. At least for driving, you need a license. 16 instead of 12 would help.

The goal here is to have children reach their majority without having children and without having STDs. I assure you this is absolutely possible.

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