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The "tittie twister" is older than I am. Now a "full nelson" is a little dangerous, so a half nelson was considered play when I was in school.

Like the "wedgie", these things were considered as adolescent males screwing around. It built comradery.

Of course now, young men all need to be chemically castrated with ritalin to make them zombies. My coach used a 12 mile run, having seniors chase me. Eventually, they couldn't come near to catching me.

Even being an antique, you will find a couple meters between footfalls if I decide to run.

What is so terrible about being a normal, young, dumb and full of cum young man?. You'd think it was a crime and it looks like they call it that.

A little "hazing"?. If you can't take that, you should run home to mommy.

Before I see police involvement, I want to see some damage. A tittie twister is not it. My tax $$ pay for these idiots to make a federal case out of high school pranks?. I can point them at more serious problems.


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