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Originally posted by CaboWaboAddict
Bleeding nipples is not damage? I wouldn't consider this any different than a punch in the nose.

I agree that a little adolescent horseplay is fine, but this seems carried to extreme.
I didn't realize blood had been drawn, that is beyond a prank. Perhaps my sensitivity to this issue is based on the fact that I live in Oregon. Our measure 11 sent my young cousin to prison for 72 months because of a pretty minor bar fight resulting in 3 stitches in his opponent.

I had to stop our local DA from doing the same thing to a drunk kid that clopped me with a beer bottle. He was drunk and trying to put the move on my girlfriend. She sent him packing and I guess clobbering me was his recourse. Still, it wasn't worth years in prison. He got 11 months because I went to the DA and said "Are you F*cking NUTS?" and I quote.

11 months was about right, maybe even overkill, 72 is insane.

It's pretty bad when you are a victim of a crime and have to plead your attackers case.

I'm finding our legal system to be ridiculuously heavy handed. Handing out "justice" that is ludicrous.

I think you'll get in more trouble for nothing than if you really did something that proves you are a vicious monster that should be locked up forever.

I guess it gets DAs and judges re-elected for being "tough on crime", but damn, how much tougher can we get?.

Lets just toss a kid in jail for a large portion of his life because he got in a scrap in a bar... insane....

Years in prison gives us back a citizen that you don't want living in your "hood".

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