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Originally Posted by MSoles7 View Post
Sorry for bumping an old thread but I know a way to fix this issue, that is to download the in_openmpt.dll plugin for Winamp (which is in libopenmpt-0.2.4259-beta7-bin-win32.7z).
Obviously using my own player routines would make things better for me (if I was still using Winamp). However I'd want this to be fixed for the general audience. Since we have found a couple of more (older) applications which have problems with the way OpenMPT writes outs XMs, there is actually a way now to generate XMs again which will load fine in Winamp, but that won't change the fact that there are already plenty of XMs out there made with older versions or with some other programs which use the same tricks.

DrO: libopenmpt/in_openmpt is BSD-licensed, so in theory it could probably be used with Winamp I guess? I don't know if the plugin in its current state would be useful for inclusion (in particular I don't remember how well looping works, and how it works in in_mod), but if there's anything that should be changed, there's of course always the possibility to fix it (patches welcome ).
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