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Originally Posted by jschultz View Post
DrO: libopenmpt/in_openmpt is BSD-licensed, so in theory it could probably be used with Winamp I guess? I don't know if the plugin in its current state would be useful for inclusion (in particular I don't remember how well looping works, and how it works in in_mod), but if there's anything that should be changed, there's of course always the possibility to fix it (patches welcome ).
BSD is fine and we've used BSD licensed things previously. at the moment it's just a possible thought since if it's meant to be more reliable (and that you've got a working plug-in showing it in use) then it's probably less work for us (well me) to modify it to add in the things that native plug-ins need to provide compared to trying to go though the mess of the existing in_mod and re-work that.

though without some proper research (as mikmod has been mentioned as being crap in your ticket but i'd need a bit more on why it's crap compared to your solution or any others), i don't know if it's the better option or not or we instead look to just update to a recent version of mikmod and keep that historical usage going (seeing as both projects appear to be actively developed at the moment).

from a quick scan through a few posts / forums, i'm undecided since it's all relating to the blatantly old version of mikmod used and doesn't seem to help see if the newer 3.x branch is better or not. i guess there's no distinct (and ideally somewhat independent) comparison between the different engines ?
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