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Originally Posted by DrO View Post
is there a decent set of test files i can use for comparing against ?
That's of course pretty hard to compile, especially since it is well possible that mikmod may be able to play a few obscure formats better, but I will try to highlight some mods where I found some significant differences between how mikmod and some more acclaimed libraries like BASS or libopenmpt play them:

Let's start off with a pretty objective test suite, which is focussed on accurate IT playback. You will see that mikmod fails most tests:
It's been a few years since it has been updated, but I don't think much has been done about fixing these since then (on the other hand, there have been a lot of fixes in e.g. xmp and OpenMPT).

And here are a few more personal observations: - At the start, mikmod plays something on channel 10 even though it's supposed to be silent until about half a minute into the song. - one of my own tracks, highlighting the various problems mikmod seems to have with IT files (which is sad, since IT and XM are pretty much the most widespread formats these days) - A classic module, and also a classic S3M peculiarity that many players including mikmod (but also BASS) ignore. There's a hanging note at 1:00 which is not supposed to be there. - Another peculiarity, but in ScreamTracker 2 - mikmod plays arpeggio just like in other trackers, but it should retain the final frequency of the last tick of a row where arpeggio occurs until a new note is triggered. Differences can be heard at around 3:38. Also, just by looking at the code I can already see that mikmod doesn't handle the tempo in STM files correctly, which works a bit different from how other trackers do it.
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