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Here are the results of my first tests:

+ doesn't crash with lots of files during playback like the current in_mod does
+ smooth playback of all files I've tested so far with

- no 24-Bit support
- no transcoding/library API support (that is a known thing)
- no global playback settings support (could be updated to use the global settings)
- no settings to disable loading of specific loaders with the interesting info provided by the current in_mod (can be re-added)
- terrible file info dialog popup

From my tests it does a much better playback job, than the current in_mod does, because it is less crashy.

I think most of the stuff from my - list could be addressed and the used lib seems to get much more updates than MikMod.

I will do lot of more testing and will report my results here, though really interesting would be basic library support, this is where the current in_mod totally fails.
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