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all of the points raised are things i'm aware off i.e. all of the 5.x-ifying of things (as what's provided is very much of a 2.x era plug-in) and know would need to copied over / re-implemented as part of getting it up to the spec needed.

the main thing from my view point is that playback is good and that it doesn't have the obvious crash issues like what we've been using as i'm fine to drop things that have been kept historically if it means it's better in the long run. plus the setup of building is a lot easier than the mess of how in_mod is currently built so that wins for me as well. as i could have tried to go and update to the latest mikmod but what we're using is so old that it doesn't match up and if anything, going from this one and porting back the things as needed is a lot less work than trying to update the exiting in_mod.

as for the 24-bit playback, i'd have to double-check what's going on (i've never really paid much attention to the audio engine aspects) though its not like a lot of plug-ins support it anyway (even with the native plug-ins as-is).
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