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Originally Posted by Tohno_Neil View Post
Why winamp can't do this: Palyback same as the original file really are! [/SIZE]
Winamp and Windows are not currently designed to automatically change to correctly handle bit depth and frequency sampling rate changes during playback. In the past most files were (and many still are) encoded at 16 bit, 44100 Hz. Since this is currently changing, I expect Windows (and Winamp) will be upgraded to handle this in the future.

I suggest you setup Windows (e.g. for 24 bit, 96000 Hz) and Winamp (i.e. for 24 bit) for the highest values any of your files are encoded at. Winamp and Windows will then upsample as necessary when the files that are encoded with lower values are played. The playback of upsampled files will not sound better or worse than when the playback is at the correct encoded settings. Of course, your sound hardware must also be able to handle the bit depth and frequency sampling rate. Yours can handle up to 24 bit, 192000 Hz. My old sound card can only handle up to 24 bit, 96000 Hz.

Winamp and Windows will also downsample files to match what the settings are (i.e. when you play a file that is encoded at higher values than what is setup). You may be able to hear a difference when a file is downsampled.

Finally, some DSP plug-ins do not handle 24 bit files and/or high sampling rates correctly. If the ones you're using have this problem, then you will need to downsample your files encoded with high values or find other DSP plug-ins.

These comments are for music files. Video files with multichannel (i.e. 6 channels or more) and/or high bit depth and frequency sampling sound tracks are a different problem. But there are workarounds for them too.

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