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That post you linked to doesn't talk about bit depth and sampling rates, other than express my wish that higher values be supported going forward. I have not seen were upsampling hurts anything, except that some DSP plug-ins don't like it. Your report says that you are not using the DSPs you have installed. If you do decide to use either of them and they have this problem, then my comment in the prior post applies.

Like I (and DrO) said, Winamp will upsample/downsample the bit depth when told to, as necessary. It passes thru whatever the sampling rate the file is encoded at. Windows will upsample/downsample the bit depth and/or sampling rate to match what it is set for (in the control panel utility you provided the screenshot of), as necessary.

Downsampling may degrade the music quality, that's why I suggest setting up the applicable settings in both Winamp and Windows for the highest values your music is encoded at.

Even though VST supports 64 bit depth, your sound hardware doesn't support 64 bit (according to that same screenshot), so Windows will downsample that to 24 bit if 24 bit, 192000 Hz is selected (the highest available).

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