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Just a feedback on my Winamp test with the upnp plug-in and sorry for my english ...
I'm on W7 64bit, I have certainly tryed all availables Windows clients and the only one I have found working is Kodi (XBMC), and works since few years (perfect UPNP/DLNA implementation) (... and may be media monkey but heavy client also and crash too).

I have a linux DLNA server (Serviio ) which works perfectly with my old smart TV, my ISP ADSL Box and most of Android clients ... But I can't find a working client for my Windows PC (except Kodi but I want lighweight client), so I think there is opportunity for this usage for Winamp.

VLC seems to not seeing the DLNA server, Windows media center or media player see the server but are not able to give access to files on it or crash after few seconds, and so on. "Developers Tools for UPnP™ Technology" works near perfectly but are only tools not a real integrated solution.

When I have start Winamp with your pluggin, it have found the DLNA server and start to scan it. First problem, I have hundred thousands video and music files. After many time (about one hour) the scan have been finished but no files or forders in library, even after hours waiting (in background) ...

Most of unsuccessfull application tests I have seen, tries to parse the whole DLNA server, when DLNA hardware periphérals, Android applications or Kodi (Media monkey too) just proceed level by level.
It's just sad to see that a low price TV, an ISP box or free Android applications can do what none can do on a Windows PC (except XBMC). I hope you will fix this mess out, Winamp is one of the first app I have used with music on computer, and I think it could be cool to have strong and working UPNP/DLNA connector for such a lightweight application.
Thanks for your job I could not do.
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