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I had quite a rough time installing WinAmp. I finally found a list of links to install the C++ environments and it installed just fine. That was last night. I didn't fire up the program.

I am not a techie and have no idea what I'm doing, so if I need a specific VB environment, I'll have to find out which one.

Anyway...This morning I went to upload of photos to my computer and my photo editing program crashed. It just froze. AutoPlay for uploading the files from a memory card didn't work, either. After the crash, I went to a second computer on the same wi-fi network and it too had the same issue. I couldn't upload images to that computer either. I opened a folder where I store photos and many of the files had locks on them. When I went into properties to change the permissions, I was informed by my computer that WinAmp had permissions granted by the parent and I couldn't change it. Keep in mind I am NOT a tech-type person and I'm basically swimming here in the dark. Back to computer #1, SYSTEM RESTORE to an earlier time failed. I uninstalled WinAmp. To the second computer, I was able to do a SYSTEM RESTORE and got rid of the changes, incl. the locked folders.

However, AutoPlay shows up again but it doesn't download files. I found a tool in a forum that fixed the registry so it should work, but it failed.

I still want to install WordPress on my computer and work on it locally. How do I reinstall WinAmp so it doesn't take over my computer? How do I define its permissions?

And does anyone have thoughts on how to fix my Windows 7 Auto-Play?

Thanks for any assistance!
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