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I apologize Nick@ss, to be more specific, I am looking for a Flash based player for the ShoutCast stream. I do not discriminate on the where abouts of such a player. I was having difficulty getting our stream to work with several different players and had hopes that this forum would lead to finding a great player since it is a ShoutCast forum. This is obviously a Flash Player topic going on here. Does anyone else have a good player they use for free? One they pay for? One they created from scratch?

That's what I was hoping to find in this forum. Only one player has been of mention here as it looks like links are disabled except for in the moderators post. So Nick can you help us out and repost the links Pepozzo, and PanicDJ put up for their recommended players?

I'm also interested in learning more about what's out there that others have used that work, and any good tutorials about setting up a Flash player for the stream, as it would be nice to set one up from scratch to design it and possibly have song and track data shown from our database as the songs are streamed. But for now I think it would rock to have a few more options posted up here.

And the answer I found for the port number for anyone trying to get their flash player to work was 80. This may or may not be of help but could be of useful info to anyone like myself who found many numbers from many forums. I assumed the number had to be 4 digits. Ours is only 2.

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