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Hmm this forum is under site design. That usually entails coding for a website.

The 30 minutes of searching... I have tried searching and wasted hours of time on players that did not work. I'm much too busy to deal with broken players that are all over the internet. I'm sure everyone else who comes to this Shoutcast forum looking for a good player will agree their time is valuable and appreciates any input from others on what works with the Shoutcast stream. If the moderator has not tried to see if those work players work, then good luck to anyone who tries. When you're done please post up which one you used with the Shoutcast stream and whether or not they worked.

3 scripts posted above by the moderator does not work in Firefox according to users on the 3 scripts site.

Turnkey will cost ya 199, it may work or may not but for 199 am I going to try it... NO! Has anyone else used it? If so please post your experience.

PlayerFlash is in another language. No Englash. How is that going to help me put in a player on a deadline?

Come on with it people, keep posting the players you have tried, the ones you've come to come to love being ran on your website, and the ones you've come to hate. That's what I love about forums, they are for the people, by the people, and moderators just have to be annoyed by all of us ants raiding the house for techie food.
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