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Lots of people come looking but not many are happy with what they find.

When they do find something they keep it to themselves so others don't have the same technology on their sites.

There is no fool proof flash player as it is still in its early technology and no one has cured the memory leaks hence the flash media servers with shoutcast support have been pushed out to help resolve the problems people face using mp3 and AAC.

playerflash may be french but thats what they invented translators for, i know of many that have done it

If the moderator has not tried to see if those work players work, then good luck to anyone who tries.
Unfortunately we are as busy as you and as much as we would love to check everything that pops up on the internet you will need to do some work to get where your going, if we had the solution for you we would have posted it..

Another suggestion would be to have one designed to your specification so you could try and pay someone to create it for you.

Good luck with your quest and i can assure you that you are not alone,

We will look forward to you coming back and sharing your findings.
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