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Originally Posted by Yathosho View Post
I'm missing the implementation of three of the most important effects of early AVS: Simple (Scope), Unique Tone and Movement. I'm sure they could be implemented—as aliases—within the existing SuperScope, ColorMap and Dynamic Movement effects. Actually, there are a couple of more render effects that I'm sure can be rebuild using SSC: Bass Spin, Dot Fountain and all that jazz.
I think yes it is possible. It should be really simple to create a component Classes that inherits existing SuperScope, ColorMap or DynamicMovement classes and pass the appropriate parameters to the super constructor.

To emulate winamp Trans/Movement behaviour, Webvs Dynamic movement has two settings 1) "noGrid": setting this to true disables grid interpolation, giving pixel accurate movement. 2) "compat": setting this to true makes webvs switch to a low precision bilinear filter code, makes things behave more like avs. Not very sure about Unique tone have to check the code, but should be a fairly simple shader code either ways.

I'll add these to the issues list.
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