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<Alt+3> File Info tag editing

I'm not sure if the behavior I see is intentional or a bug.

When using the arrow controls (at the top of the window) to cycle thru files, editing the tags of some and just viewing the tags of others, the only file updated is the last one being viewed (if it was edited) when the OK button is clicked to close the window.

Previously all files viewed were rewritten even if their tags were not changed, unless the Cancel button was used to close the window. Rewriting also updated the files' modification date (which was proper since the files were rewritten). This caused files that were simply viewed being listed in the "Recently Added" smart view because of the date change.

It appears that viewing a file's tags without changing any of them, no longer causes the file to be rewritten (thus not changing it's modification date) when the OK button is clicked to close the window. However, it now seems that only 1 file can be edited at a time.

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