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look. when we say "shit format", we don't mean the quality. we don't even bother touching WMA; when we want to ensure high quality of our rips, we go with well-tested formats/settings like MPC, LAME --alt-preset-standard or Vorbis -q6. and - yes, bitrate might get 200kbps-ish, but that's not a problem in the age of cheap 40gig hdds and cdrw drivers in almost every new computer.
we don't mean the protection neither, because most of us here know how to turn it off (but not all of people in the world do, that's why you are reading this thread).
WMA has two major problems:
1. no freely available decoder source. you can't make your own WMA player from scratch. you are forced to use microsoft's libraries (afaik, they are available on windows and on mac platforms only). if they decide to screw with you (via windowsupdate for an example), noone can help you (oh well, you can always reinstall windows. blah).
2. shit licensing. see threads about using custom output plugins / dsp plugins / converting WMA to other formats for more info.
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